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😎Remote control functions for "Big One" LightStrips How to?

DIY buttons and Arrow buttons: There are 3 groups of “up” and “down” arrow buttons for Red/ Green/Blue colours and 6 DIY colour setting buttons. The DIY colour setting buttons can be used to store your favourite colour effects. Press a DIY button, for example DIY 1, to enter the DIY colour mode. You can now adjust the brightness of the Red/Green/Blue colour using the 6 arrow buttons until you have created your desired light effect. Press the DIY1 button again to store the selected light effect. The next time this button is pressed, it will display the colour which you saved the last time. There are 6 DIY buttons, so you can save your favourite 6 colours/brightnesses.

✂️How to cut your LightStrips? Cut along indicated dotted line... on the copper links it should be clearly indicated. 


Below are video tutorials which displays how to set up your "Big One" Lightstrips!