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For Businesses

Are you a business? A lounge? Restaurant? Club? Well you have arrived at the best destination for Lighting your business up, literally.


We have been in the Lighting industry for a while, implementing new ways to provide the highest quality Lighting solutions for consumers and business use. We have made several lighting projects by developers in Italy and the United Kingdom, requiring Lighting to make their buildings and houses unique. All of our items are mostly Wi-Fi enabled for ease of use. Alexa and Google home may also be enabled.


Our aim is to transform your business from this boring, old stale development, to this futuristic casa, or an opulent lounge dimly lit. We provide customised advice based on what your needs are for what vibes your business would like to portray. Lighting is a substantial part for making any place special.

Our company slogan is: “If you have the right lighting, you can make anything look good, even yourself. “


Several cafes and restaurants have invested in Lighting from us, and they reported a significant increase in customers.

People in society are looking for new things, to step out of their comfort zone, secret opulent atmospheres. If you are a restaurant and are in need of customers and making it more influential to the public, please send us a message of what type of business you are, what you image would like to portray, and we’ll give you a quote. We also do free consultations on arrival to your business after the analysis of your floorplan.


Our famous “The Big One” LED LightStrips are the most commonly used by businesses, this is due to the nature of it being Wi-Fi enabled which is rather attractive to change colours and brightness of lights from your connected device. We also commonly offer packages such as the Starter lounge kit: 2x Neon Lights, 2x (Big One) LightStrips and FairyLights. Check our products out and see what interests you and your business. You can also message us through Instagram, e-mail or in the contact us section! We will provide you with a recommended custom quote, if you would like us to come to you, we will do an in-person consultation free of charge with our expert creative directors.


Down below are some examples of how your business can look with our minimal changes in lighting.